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One of the greatest challenges in the life of a Christian is the willingness to forgive. Without the help of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit forgiving will continue to be an insurmountable challenge. What’s even more challenging is learning how to forgive oneself.

God has given us the privilege of making many choices in our lives; but forgiving is not one of them. As a matter of fact forgiving is not an option. God is very clear on that.

Forgiveness is freedom! You cannot hold yourself and others in hostage if you want to be free. Forgiveness is not just for the offender,” Forgiveness is for You”. Once you have chosen to forgive then you are able to let go of the offense and move forward. Forgiving restores your power and it gives you the strength you need to overcome life’s challenges.

Forgiving comes from a heart submitted to the Word of God. Once you have decided to forgive this display of obedience to God means more than the offense.


It’s unrealistic to think that you will ever forget the pain and the disappointments of our past. It just doesn’t go away like that; but we can forgive to forget. We won’t forget but we don’t have to remember. Remembering is constantly rehearsing, thinking, talking and reliving the offense. When we decide to stop thinking and talking about the offense this is our way of forgetting what has happened.

The people we love the most are the ones that we are most vulnerable to and the most difficult to forgive. For example oftentimes we ask ourselves; how could my mother, husband, or my children, treat me this way. Forgiveness empowers us to take the label off of our love ones and helps us understand that they are imperfect human beings subject to error and make mistakes.

Have you ever tried to complete a task with your hands tied?

Unless you forgive, God’s hands are tied. He (God) said in Matt.6:14-15 “If you forgive men, then I will forgive you. If you don’t forgive, then I WILL NOT forgive you”.

Think about this, when you don’t forgive:

  • Your blessings are delayed.
  • Your prayers are hindered.
  • Your body is subject to sickness.
  • Your spiritual ears are deafened.
  • Your growth is stagnated.
  • You have opened a door to the enemy and given him legal rights.
  • All the above YOU can cause when YOU don’t forgive yourself or others.

When we accept what has happened in our past and make a conscious decision to LET IT GO! Then and only then will we be able to embrace the wonder and the beauty of our PRESENT.

Forgiveness is a precious gift RECEIVE IT!

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